Drilling Clean

If dust produced by the drilling into concrete is either a problem or a mere inconvenience, E-Z Drill, Inc. offers a solution. E-Z Drill offers pneumatically powered vacuum systems that can mount on the drill unit, and can be powered by the same air compressor that powers the drills.

The “Micro” system is designed to accommodate a single drill system, and the “Macro” system will operate two drills. Combinations of Micros and Macros can be used with 3-, 4-, and 5-gang drill units.

Each Micro system requires 42 CFM, and each Macro requires an additional 61 CFM (or a total of 122 CFM for the two Macros shown on the 4-gang above).   All E-Z Drill Dust Collection Kits come all mounting brackets, hoses, vacuum bags and dust boot. If you already have a vacuum system, you can purchase the “dust boot” only from E-Z Drill that bolts on to the bit guide. You can then attach your own vacuum hose to the dust boot. Even with the dust collection system, E-Z Drill still recommends the use of a dust mask for the operator.