Big jobs require bigger productivity. When a single gang drill isn’t giving you the productivity you need, step up to an E-Z Drill two-gang drill. These versatile concrete drills come in both on-grade and slab rider models and offer the ideal solution for mid-size projects such as small airport repairs, lane additions and full-depth repair. And because the two gang drills are still compact and maneuverable, they offer twice the productivity for nearly any size patch. The 210B-2 On-Grade operates in the subgrade, which is ideal for completing projects in high traffic areas because it keeps the machine and operator out of a secondary traffic lane. If road closure is not an issue but subgrade specs or regulations are, the 210B-2 SRA may be the ideal choice. This two-gang drill operates from the concrete slab so that it doesn’t disturb the subgrade.

210B-2 On-Grade Two-Gang Concrete Drill

E-Z Drill Concrete two-gang drill

210B-2 SRA Slab Rider Two-Gang Concrete Drill

Concrete two-gang drill on the slab