E-Z Drill concrete dowel drill resources

Your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about our drills. Find instructions and parts books to get to know your equipment inside and out, view videos of our drills in action or read up on the latest industry trends. Don’t’ forget to register your drill to activate your warranty and get updates on best practices, new products and accessories.


  • Register Your Drill

    Register your drill today to activate your warranty and stay up to date on best practices, new products and accessories
  • Maintenance

    Concrete drilling and doweling are tough on equipment, but following these general guidelines will help keep your drills running at peak performance through thick and thin.
  • Drilling Times

    This chart shows the drilling times achieved with an E-Z Drill 210B SRA system equipped with a Chicago Pneumatic 32 rock drill.
  • Bushing Sizes

    E-Z Drill bushing sizes correspond with hole diameters.
  • Recommended Hose Sizes

    Use the proper hose size so your drill lives up to its potential.
  • Troubleshooting

    This chart will help you pinpoint and resolve the most common causes so you can get on with your drilling project.