Recommended Hose Sizes

To make sure your drill can live up to its potential, make sure you’re using the proper hose size. If the hose is too long or too narrow, it will restrict air pressure and affect drill speed. In extreme cases, an inadequate hose size will prevent a drill from operating altogether. Each drill requires 100 cfm to operate. If you are using a multi-gang drill and suspect you may not be getting enough air, turn off one drill. If the remaining drills speed up and operate as expected, it means there is not enough cfm to operate all the drills at once. For specific hose diameters and lengths for your particular unit, consult the chart below.

Drill TypeSize
Single Drill Units3/4″ ID Minimum
2-Gang Drill Units1 1/4″ ID Minimum
3-Gang Drill units1 1/2″ ID Minimum
4-, 5-Gang Drill Units2″ ID Minimum
Concrete Air Drill Hoses