E-Z Drill Upgrades Dust Collection Systems

System Retrofits to Concrete Dowel Drills to Meet OSHA Table 1 Standards
E-Z Drill Dust Collection System

Upgraded Dust Collection Systems. Now featuring washable air filters with larger surface area.

E-Z Drill announces an upgrade to its Dust Collection Systems, which capture crystalline silica from concrete dowel drilling. The enhanced systems now feature a single, washable air filter with greater surface area. The systems continue to meet OSHA’s Table 1 requirements, a standard that all of E-Z Drill’s systems for more than 15 years have achieved.

The vacuum system uses the same air compressor as the concrete dowel drill and requires minimal cfm of air to effectively collect dust directly from the drilled holes. A 5-gallon collector holds the dust until it can be disposed. Customers can purchase the Dust Collection System with any new E-Z Drill model or easily retrofit it onto existing units.

“We’re always looking for ways to make great products better,” said Rick Walstad, E-Z Drill president and CEO. “We want to make it not only easy for contractors to meet the new OSHA requirements but also lessen their time spent on filter changes so they can focus their efforts on what makes them money: drilling holes.”

E-Z Drill designed the system with a dust boot that mounts to the end of the bit guide, where the bit penetrates the concrete. This allows the vacuum system to take in dust at the closest point possible, maximizing the amount of dust the system captures and reducing operator exposure. It also enhances overall jobsite safety by preventing dust from blowing toward nearby traffic, potentially obstructing drivers’ vision. The system also prevents dust from blowing into nearby water during bridge repairs. It can be used with all E-Z Drill models, from the single- to the five-gang machines.