Will Rogers: “I Never Met A Man I Didn’t Like!”

And E-Z Drill never met an airport job it didn’t like! Just check out the Model 210-4 SRA being used at the Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City, OK. TTK Construction Company, Inc. was awarded the job of completely removing and rebuilding Taxiway H (while moving it 50′ to the east!) at the airport. The new taxiway is 1.5 miles of 18” concrete, with a 10’ shoulder with lights. The asphalt from the old taxiway was removed and the subgrade was totally re-done.

ezdrill-210-4-sra-NeverMetAnAirportIDidntLike-2There were approximately 5,500 holes on this project. The dowels were 1 1/2″ dowels, and the holes to be drilled were 1 5/8” in diameter 8” deep.

A set of four holes were being drilled in approximately 35 – 40 seconds.

(Our thanks to Willie Brown, Jr., Project Superintendent for TTK Construction Co., Inc.