Working Close to Home

It’s a well known fact that construction companies and their workers have to “go where the work is”, and that sometimes means a job site may be many miles and many hours from home. So it’s a real treat when a job comes up close to home – or close to the office. Such is the case for Wittwer Construction Company, Inc. of Stillwater, OK. They were successful bidders on a $3 million road-widening project on Lakeview Road in Stillwater, literally down the street from their office. Lakeview Road has become a heavily traveled “loop” around Stillwater, and the joint City of Stillwater / Oklahoma DOT project calls for turning a 1-mile stretch of Lakeview from an asphalt 2-lane street to a much needed concrete 4-lane with concrete intersections at both ends.

Part of the plans include the installation of #5 dowels into the curb-and-gutter for new 9” pavement. Wittwer has two older E-Z Drill Model 200’s on the job to drill the holes 12” deep on 30” centers. Both of these drill units have been in service since 1991 – and still going strong!

The multi-phased project is expected to take 300 days, according to Bruce Overton, project manager for Wittwer.